Subterraneus Platform:PC Genre:Point & Click Play:on Steam


Once upon a time, on an overpopulated planet with limited resources but a striking technology, the authorities designed a perfect and inclusive garbage recycling system, allowing a limitless reuse of the waste.

Clodomir, a goodish citizen, is at the collection center, throwing his household trash away. One can on the head later, he passes out and falls head first into the collection hole...

He will wake up on a gigantic garbage pile, in the middle of a cave, miles underground. Then, his sole purpose will be to go back to the surface. But to achieve that, he will definitely need YOUR help!


  • Entirely playable with the mouse
  • Multi-layered hint-system
  • 500+ interactive points
  • 20 locations drawn with love
  • 12 NPC and 1 blank minded hero
  • Steam achievements
  • 7 Collectibles = 1 per chapter!
  • A whole lot of obscure references
  • 20.000 words long
  • Fully translated in French & English
screenshot 4: alchemy book
screenshot 3: a village in a cave
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Clockwork Platform:Browser (WebGL) Genre:Puzzle Play:on


Mr. C is an old man, very old, and his mind is growing foggy. His end is nigh and he seems to accept it: there is nothing wrong with wanting a little rest after a full life.

But the impetuous Zee does not accept it and maintains that there is one last task for Mr. C to do before he can leave his old friend alone.

About the game

Clockwork offers five gear based puzzles punctuated by visual novel-style dialogue sequences and cheeky allusions to Ancient Greek myths.

Made in 2 weeks for the 2020 AdvX gamejam.

screenshot 2: puzzle
screenshot 3: another puzzle
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Clockwork Platform:Browser (WebGL) Genre:Narrative Play:on Gamejolt


Grandpaper is a short story (~10 min) about a boy and his grandpa unable to see each other due to lockdown.

The boy write a letter filled with love and imagination. He then makes an airplane out of it and send it through the window to his hospitalized grandpa.

About the game

Made in 2 weeks for the #advJam2020 .

Best emotional engagement game of the jam (64 entries).


  • Distance / Reconnecting
  • Isolation / Community
  • Stagnation / New Beginnings
  • Illness / Healing
  • Loss / Love
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Heromaton Platform:Browser (WebGL) Genre:Puzzle Play:on

What is this?

Heromaton is a small piece of something, not really a game, but kind of too, that allow you to create thousands of faces using part of indie games heroes.

  • 20 heroes
  • 8000 possibilities
  • 2 game modes


You will have to reconstitute 5 real heroes from a limited set of parts! Will you recognize them? Or try to find which parts seem to match the best? Or just count on luck? It's up to you!

Free play

Imagination is your only limit! Create thousands of unique heroes and find the ugliest ones! You may also search for the prettiest ones. I won't stop you!

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As an indie developper, but also as a player, I am interested in other games and in others game developpers. Fanarts are a great way to connect with them and show them the respect and appreciation I have for their work. Plus, it's good to get better at drawing too!

But posting fanarts from a twitter account dedicated to game developpement could be a bit strange for my followers. So I decided to make them as a travel notebook of Clodomir (hero of Subterraneus).

Here are some of them: please enjoy!


One Man Army: Origins

Hi! My name is Fred and I love playing games since I am a little child. In fact, my mother likes to remind me that I learned to type MS-DOS commands to launch games before I even learn to read! Is it true? I don't know!

One thing is certain: I was very young when I started to create my own games in my mind or with lego! I participated as a small contributor in some browser games during my teenage years. But making "real" games seemed so impossible to me that I didn't even try to go further until I learned how "easy" it can be thanks to Unity3D and decided to give it a try!

I already knew how to code in other langages and I was scribbling from time to time. Most importantly, I really wanted to do it all by myself to learn every difficulties of each aspect of the making of a game.

Why the name Crazy Kraken?

Doing a game almost alone required me to do almost everything: graphics, scenario, dialogs, code, sound-design, game-play, interface, quality-assurance,... All different things taken care of by a single person.

I figured a kraken with its multiple tentacles could be a nice analogy! And it definitely takes a little bit of crazy to make a whole game alone...

Finally, even if I've had focused on narrative game for now, I want to make and work on many types of games! And that's it!

Thank you for reading :)

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